The Rough Collie Breed Council is comprised of two delegates from each of its member clubs, which are elected by each club annually plus a chairman and secretary who are elected by the delegates for a period of three years, these latter officers are currently:

Rough Collie Breed Council

Mrs Duna Jones – ‘Erjon’

High Farm,

Girrick, Moorsholm,

Saltburn, Cleveland.

TS12  3LW

Tel: 01287  660 773

Rough Collie Breed Council 

Mr Tony Foster


Cavalheira da Boica - Almegue 3230-210

Penela Portugal

Tel. +351 239 561275



In addition the Rough Collie Breed Council delegates and officers elect the Rough Collie representative, who will serve a three year term of office, to the Kennel Club Breeds Council of Representatives.

The current Rough Collie Representative is: Mrs Duna Jones.


Contact with the Rough Collie Breed Council should initially be made through one of the Member Clubs.

Breed Club Secretary receives suggestion from member

Breed Club discuss at next Committee meeting and will either

reject suggestion and return to member - or pass to RCBC Secretary for inclusion in agenda at next meeting

The RCBC Secretary will circulate agenda to all Breed Member Clubs

Member Clubs discuss at committee level returning opinion to RCBC secretary

Full discussion by delegates at next RCBC meeting who can

Send recommendation to Member Clubs

Approach Kennel Club direct if suggestion breed specific

Instruct Breed Representative to submit suggestion to next KCLC Breeds meeting