Owned initially by Mr Mycroft, before becoming a partnership with Mr Des Rippon who, after Mr Mycroft’s sudden death, continued in sole ownership until he and his wife were killed in a car accident in 1978, Mywicks bred and/or owned many very influential Collies, some of which can still be traced in the pedigrees of today’s stock. The ‘Rough Collie Breed Council’ therefore considered it imperative that the name be protected from any future mis-use.

Ch Mywicks Golden Princess sable and white Rimington Kittieholm Pilot daughter out of the first registered Mywicks litter and the kennel’s first Champion

Mywicks Monitor Challenge Certificate winning tricolour full brother, later litter, to Mywicks Golden Princess and sire of the most famous Mywicks Collie – Meadowlancer

Mr Mycroft took out his Mywicks affix late in 1948, registering the kennel’s first litter in January of the following year. Success came early with Mr Mycroft making up his first champion from this litter.

Remembered as a fearless campaigner and consummate handler Mr Mycroft did not subscribe to the practice of retiring Collies shortly after gaining their title, and Mywicks will always be remembered for campaigning the sable and white home bred dog Mywicks Meadowlancer and his tricolour daughter Mywicks Satine of Simbastar to fifteen Challenge Certificates each, then considered a record but in actual fact one limited to the post-war period.

Meadowlancer proved to be a prepotent sire, passing on his beautiful head qualities to his many offspring, which included twelve UK Champions all but four of which were bitches. While three of the Champion dogs established important sire lines in this country, a number of the bitches would prove to be significant broods for their respective owners, including the most famous daughter, Mywicks Satine of Simbastar who through daughter Mywicks Silver Lining founded several famous kennels including Brettonpark.

Ch Mywicks Meadowlancer Gaining his title while still a puppy and winner of 15 Challenge Certificates Meadowlancer was also a prepotent sire with twelve UK Champions to his credit

Ch Mywicks Satine of Simbastar