One of a handful of Welsh kennels to gain an international reputation the ‘Collie Club of Wales’ ’ decision to protect the Coverdale affix is as much a tribute to its owners, Prue and Len Green, who had a long association as founder members and officers of the society, as it is to the importance of the affix to Welsh Collies.

Ch Prue’s Golden Regina Sable and white bitch and Mr and Mrs Green’s 1st Champion Rough Collie gaining her title in 1955.


Coverdale’s Filipepi sable and white, and the only Coverdale male to gain a United Kingdom title.


Ch Coverdale’s Lady Shan sable and white bitch of all Coverdale breeding bringing together all the original sable and white foundation lines

Len and Prue Green were well on the way to making up Prue’s Golden Regina by the time they registered their Coverdale affix in 1954, she like all their subsequent Collies owed a great deal to Beulah breeding.

Never more than a small hobby kennel Len and Prue Green rarely had more than the occasional litter, nor did they campaign their Collies extensively, with only one of their Challenge Certificates earned north of a line through Birmingham. This despite having an interest in all three colours although it was the sable and whites which brought the greatest success and all their Challenge Certificate winners were of this colour.

Len and Prue Green’s canine interest were not confined to breeding and showing, and as early committee members of the West of England Collie Society they soon developed an aptitude for canine administration. Founder members and long term officer of the Collie Club of Wales they piloted the youngest Collie breed society to Championship status and national recognition, their long tenure as chairman and secretary respectively affording the club a degree of stability few others have enjoyed in their formative years.