Despite always having had numerous clubs covering most of the United Kingdom’s regions Collie enthusiasts have usually been able to show unanimity when necessary. As early as 1910 clubs and enthusiasts were able to meet and agree on the formulation of a Unified Collie Breed Standard.

In the years immediately following the second world-war it was dissatisfaction with the Kennel Club’s version of the Collie Breed Standard that brought a new opportunity for Collie enthusiasts to show their unanimity. It should therefore surprise no one that the breed embraced the Breed Council idea, first muted by the Kennel Club in early 1966, particularly as it was seen by the senior fanciers as a further opportunity to influence our governing body.

The Rough Collie Breed Council has, throughout it existence, been fortunate in being able to enlist the active support of some of the Collie’s most highly respected and influential exhibitors and breeders.

The Rough Collie Breed Council’s first secretary, Mr Alan Jeffries, ‘Jefsfire’, in his first annual report, published in the Yorkshire Collie Club Handbook 1967, states:

“Our breed can boast of being one of the earliest Councils to be formed. Prior to the K.C. announcement we had already held a Convention to discuss the clarification of the Standard. This consisted of the gathering together of any interested parties, who put forward their individual views. The majority of us at this time thought that although there was a great deal of disagreement the fact that we had met and discussed the possibility was a step forward.

At a later date it was decided to invite all Breed Clubs to send two delegates from their respective Clubs to a meeting in Birmingham to discuss the possibility of forming a Breed Council. At this meeting a Breed Council was formed consisting of two delegates from each Club, Miss C. Molony was elected chairman and myself secretary

… …There is no end to the possibilities of what can be done now we are formed into a group that is prepared to discuss our problems in the united interest of out Breed…”