The Rough Collie Breed Council, in common with all Breed Councils relays the opinion of its member, who will in turn voice the opinion of their members. In this way the Rough Collie Breed Council allows the voice of every Rough Collie Exhibitor, Breeder, or Owner to be heard in the corridors of the United Kingdom’s ruling body The Kennel Club.

Contact between the two organisations is a two way affair and the Rough Collie Breed Council is always the first port of call when The Kennel Club wishes to canvas the opinion of Collie enthusiasts about matters concerning the breed’s future. Therefore the opinion of everyone interested in the breed is effectively canvassed, which would not be possible if the Kennel Club had to contact each of the fourteen Rough Collie Clubs individually.

The points of contact between these two associations can be on several levels dependant upon whether of not the matters under discussion are breed specific or of a more general nature.

Breed Councils have always had the power to consolidate the Judging Lists of its Member Clubs, and in recent years this has been extended to include involvement in the training of judges under the recently introduced Kennel Club Judges Development Programme.