The Rough Collie Breed Council is normally only asked to provide assessors in exceptional circumstances. It does not arrange individual assessments unless there is a specific Rough Collie Breed Council Judges Training Seminar arranged.

Assessors are taken from a list, provided by the Kennel Club, of the ‘Top Twenty’ or so judges for the breed.

Assessments can be arranged by a Club Secretary for any Candidate who is going through the A2 Procedures and who has a judging appointment with sufficient entries (on paper) for an Assessor to be present. In addition there is a minimum requirement for numbers to be present before any assessment may be completed.

Assessments are confidential and as such should be known only to the Assessor and the Club Secretary who is arranging for an assessment. The assessor is allowed to discuss placings and make comments after judging has been completed. The Assessor is required to complete the Kennel Club Assessment Form and forward it direct to the Kennel Club. It is preferable that prior to a request or offer of an assessment, the candidate has completed a Kennel Club A2 Form, which is provided by the Secretary of a Breed Club, and that the candidate remains with the same Club from the period of commencement to hopefully, submission of an A2 form to the Kennel Club and subsequently approval for either entry to the A2 listing, or an actual Challenge Certificate appointment.

Further details concerning the above are freely available from the  Secretary of the Rough Collie Breed Council  or any Collie Breed Club Secretary.

Useful information and Kennel Club forms for download (PDF documents)


A2 Judges List Assessment form

Notice of Assessment