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For many years the Kennel Club has encouraged all breed clubs and councils to designate a committee member or delegate as Health Co-ordinator, with the special responsibly for advising on Health Issues within their breed In 2008 the Kennel Club up-graded this advice to a mandatory requirement, which became effective in January 2009.

In breeds with multiple specialist breed clubs, a single contact point was to be established, this person being responsible for coordinating all information between the Kennel Club and each individual club.

At the Rough Collie Breed Council’s recent AGM it confirmed that the post of Rough Collie Breed Council Health Co-ordinator is held by:
Sophie Wray-Ramsden - email: Should you have any concerns regarding the health of your Collie, firstly please contact the breeder for advice or a Club Health Co-Ordinator.

An email link has been included for those Breed Club Health Co-ordinators who have signified their preparedness to answer emailed enquiries; otherwise your health co-ordinator should be contacted via your Breed Club secretary or at one of your Collie Club’s events or shows.

Health Co-ordinators, are not approved to diagnose or treat any animal unless they are also a qualified Veterinary Surgeon and member of the British Veterinary Association.

Ayrshire Collie Club Mr John Robinson  
British Collie Club Ms Gwen Beaden EMAIL
Collie Association Mrs Anne Hollywood  
Collie Club of Wales Mrs Phyllis Parry  
East Anglian Collie Club Mrs Pat Hutchinson EMAIL
Irish Collie Club TBA  
Lancashire & Cheshire Collie Club Mr W Rogerson  
London Collie Club Mrs Jane Margetts EMAIL
London & Provincial Collie Club Ms Kate Arrowsmith MRCVS EMAIL
Midland Collie Club Mr Brian Hawkins EMAIL
Northumberland & Durham Collie Club Mr Philip Sargeant  
Scottish Collie Club Mrs Cathy Proctor  
West of England Collie Society Mrs Roz MacDonald  
Yorkshire Collie Club Mrs Angela Harvey EMAIL

Health Co-ordinators, are not approved to diagnose or treat any animal unless they are also a qualified Veterinary Surgeon and member of the British Veterinary Association.

They are only available to offer advice and guidance on health matters appertaining to the relevant breed. They can not give advice about general health concerns nor can they advise on specific health issues for any particular dog other than the general advice of consulting your veterinary surgeon.

Health Coordinators may advise on:

Health concerns within a breed.

The official health screening programmes run by the KC/BVA.

General advice concerning breeding and genetic inheritance

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