In April 2001, in an effort to finally resolve the issue, the Collie Association voted, at its AGM, to offer up its own Challenge Certificate Status in 2006. The offer was gratefully acknowledged by the Collie Club of Wales, the West of England Collie Society and the Rough Collie Breed Council.



With both affected Clubs now insisting that the Rough Collie Breed Council consider a 14 club annual rotation, a Special Meeting was convened; to which all breed clubs were invited. The subject for the agenda being ‘The Rotation of Challenge Certificates between Rough Collie Breed Clubs’.

The meeting held on the 11th November 2001, with Mr Gordon Talbot (Kennel Club Member and Chief Steward at Midland Counties Championship Show) as its independent Chairman. Eloquent speeches were delivered by delegates from both the Collie Club of Wales, and the West of England Collie Society, with others from supporting member clubs. Sadly, on this occasion, the motion to have a ‘Rotation of Challenge Certificates between all Rough Collie Breed Clubs’ was lost 7 Clubs votes to 6 Clubs.



In July 2004, a letter was received from the Kennel Club, directing the Rough Collie Breed Council to resolve the issue and advising that; unless a suitable answer was received the Kennel Club would refuse to consider any allocation of Challenge Certificates to Rough Collies for 2007.

In September 2004, following agreement between all the member clubs, a rotation formula was submitted to the Kennel Club for acceptance. The format decided on two factors:

Alphabetical by Club Name; with the exception of the two originally rotating clubs who will lose theirs after all other clubs.

Consideration of special ‘Anniversary Years’


Following this proposal and subsequent reply from the Kennel Club, the Rough Collie Breed Council was commended for the straightforward and efficient way in which it had reached its decision. Copies of the confirmation of the allocation for 2007 CC’s were also sent to each Breed Club.

The Allocation / Rotation of Challenge Certificates between all the Rough Collie Breed Clubs is reproduced in the panel to the right.



The next step in the quest to maintain our Allocation of Challenge Certificates is to press onwards for the return of Challenge Certificate Status to those General Championship Show Societies whose allocation has been suspended.

The Kennel Club Announcement that the Entry and Challenge Certificate Allocation to Belfast Championship Show would not be included in any future calculations has been welcomed by the Rough Collie Breed Council, and the return of Challenge Certificates to Paignton and District Fanciers’ Championship Show for 2009 has been seen as showing ‘light at the end of the tunnel’. While our request for Challenge Certificates to be returned to South Wales Kennel Association is still under review we can but hope for the future and with the support of Clubs, Members and Exhibitors who knows!





2007: Ayrshire Collie Club

2008: British Collie Club

2009: East Anglian Collie 
Association *

2010: Collie Association

2011: Irish Collie Club

2012: Lancashire & Cheshire Collie Club

2013: London & Provincial Collie  Club

2014: London Collie Club

2015: Midland Collie Club

2016: Northumberland & Durham Collie Club

2017: Scottish Collie Club

2018: Yorkshire Collie Club

2019: West of England Collie Society

2020: Collie Club of Wales 

2021: Ayrshire Collie Club

2022: British Collie Club

* It must be recorded that the East Anglian Collie Association offered to change years to allow the Collie Association to celebrate its 75th Anniversary for which the Collie Association are most grateful