With several major Collie kennels already established in the Yorkshire area, a group of enthusiasts, including Mrs V. Latham ‘Lathamholm’. Mr George Dransfield ‘Poppystown’ and Mr N. Abell ‘Normansfield’, started to agitate for a Collie Club capable of serving the region. Despite a lack of enthusiasm from existing clubs, supporters eventually enlisted the help of the Lancashire and Cheshire Collie Club and the Yorkshire Collie Club became a reality in 1952, with Mr A. L. Robinson holding the secretarial post for the first year.

Specialising in small members only shows, the first attracting just 56 entries from 16 Collies for Miss P. M. Grey ‘Ladypark’ to run the rule over, meant progress was slow in the early stages, but before the end of the decade several of the more prominent Yorkshire breeders and exhibitors, having joined the committee, began to steering the club in the direction of larger more national events.


The dedication of this more go ahead committee was quickly rewarded by the Kennel Club who granted the Yorkshire Collie Club Championship Status for Rough Collies in 1963, an honour which has since been established as an annual event. Staged at the ever popular Corn Exchange, Leeds the Yorkshire Collie Club’s first show set the tone for future vents. Judged by the popular Collie specialist Mr Jim Broderick ‘Shearcliffe’ the show attracted 94 Collies making 218 entries. In 1987, the last time the Yorkshire Collie Club held their Championship Show at the Corn Exchange, Leeds the show drew an entry of 495 from 315 Rough Collies, the judges on this occasion being Mrs Vera Hickson ‘Bririch’ doing dogs and Mrs Norma Lister ‘Abbestone’ taking on the bitches.

Dog and bitch Challenge Certificate winners at the first Yorkshire Collie Club Championship Show October 1963 where Breed Specialist Mr Jim S. Broderick ‘Shearcliffe’ awarding Challenge Certificates for the first time handed them to two established Champions.
Dog CC
Ch Carramar Boy Blue winning the 8th of his ten Challenge Certificates.
Bitch CC
Ch Mywicks Satine of Simbastar winning her 4th of fifteen Challenge Certificates. there is no record of which Collie was the Best of Breed
Both images donated by ‘Emmsmoor’ courtesy of Rough Collie Archive


In 1968 the Yorkshire Collie Club broke new ground publishing the first of its ‘Yorkshire Collie Club Handbooks’ initially edited by a team including Mrs Audrey Chatfield, ‘Dunsinane’ Mr Gordon Duncan ‘Brettonpark’ and Mr Jack Wigglesworth ‘Sandiacre’.

From the outset these, now much sort after, handbooks were dated for the previous year, and contained a mixture of information including show results and articles of interest to both novice and experienced fanciers, all funded by kennel advertisements.

Published for twenty one years this library of handbooks is frequently the only permanent record we now have of the show and breeding stock of the day.

The Yorkshire Collie Club’s current aims and objectives are:

To promote and encourage the breeding of Rough Collies.

To support and give exhibitions of Rough Collies.

Protect and advance in every legitimate way the interests of the Breed and of the Members of the Club.


Membership is open to all. For further information on the club please contact the Secretary, Mrs C Biggs email chrisbiggs63@gmail.com

last update 31st August 2021