Over the years Rough Collie enthusiasts have been served by a variety of specialist breed specific publications, the first of this being Collie Folio published monthly from 1906 until wartime shortages and restrictions forced its close in 1917.

No such publications were produced during the between wars explaining why so little is known about this period, but since the last war several publications have appeared, with the longest running being the West of England Collie Society’s ‘The Round Up’.

Edited by Peter Chave and initially published by-annually, The Round Up first appeared as a nine paged photocopied Newsletter for the Devon and Cornwall division of the West of England Collie Society at the end of 1974, and from the outset it combined news items with informative articles, canine orientated quizzes, and cartoons, with the whole stapled together along the left-hand margin.

Right - (1) Mrs Yallop’s sympathetic illustration of  Bosworgy Gallant Bosloe, which appeared  on the front cover of the 1st edition of  ‘The Round Up’

(2) Mrs Yallop’s sympathetic illustration of  Bosworgy Gallant Bosloe, which appeared  on the front cover of the 1st edition of  ‘The Round Up’

(3) The Ruby Anniversary Souvenir edition of  ‘The Round Up’, the first to use spot colour  on the front which was also reproduced on 
heavy glossy card.

(4) 2001’s edition of ‘The Round Up’ was the first  to use a coloured illustration on the front cover,  it is also the only edition to be produced in a  folded A3 rather than the A4 single page format used for all other editions.

(5) The first full colour edition was produced in 2007, and this format has continued since its introduction

Just two years later The Round Up’s traditional illustrated front cover not only changed its design but also introduced a photographic image for the first time, adding the occasional colour print page within its makeup. A change of printer in 1989 for the Ruby Anniversary edition produced an improvement in appearance with a glossy front cover, better photographic representation and spot colour for the title, although it was still produced on A4 paper stapled down the left-hand margin. Peter Chave relinquished the editorship after the 1989 editions, which was also the last year in which two issues were published. By 1993 West of England Collie Society’s President and Founder Member, Mrs Hazel Hunt, had taken on the editorship with the help of several other members who took over the onerous task of production.

The next innovation was the introduction  of a full colour front cover in 2001,  together with its folded A3 format which  when stapled through the centre formed  an A4 publication.

Sadly these  innovations proved premature and The  Round Up returned to a wholly mono  spiral bound publication until new  printers and modern technology made  colour more viable.

In 2007 The Round  Up, which is still issued free to members  became a full colour magazine looked  forward to by members and none  members alike.

right - Meg McCourt’s Cartoon interpretation of the Special Beginners Class which appeared inside the back cover of the June 1979 edition of The Round Up

Peter Chave’s recent move to smaller more convenient accommodation meant that a large amount of his Collie memorabilia had to be found new homes, amongst this was a complete collection of the West of England Collie Society magazine ‘The Round Up’ which he passed to the club’s current editorial team.

They in turn passed this collection to the Rough Collie Archive together with an assurance that future issues would be added as they were published. It is my hope that these historic publications can be reproduced electronically for future generations, although the means of achieving this have not yet been decided on.