The South West corner of England although often producing important kennels had never been associated with the Collie’s development until the early post war period when  they made a significant contribution to the breed’s ultimate regeneration.

Initial attempts at establishing a regional society were disappointing, but after advertising for support sufficient interest was shown to gain Kennel Club registration for the West of England Collie Society in March 1949, with founder members Mr Fred Daw ‘Frienell’ as President, and Mr B. Findley holding the secretarial reigns for the first four years before passing them to Mrs H. Collins ‘Riffelsee’, another founder member who is better known to today’s fanciers as Hazel Hunt ‘Rifflesea’.


The West of England Collie Society’s first show held at the Bristol Cattle Market, which took place in the autumn of 1949, introduced five new trophies, all solid silver at the insistence of the club’s first Chairman Mr Armitage. At the Society’s first Championship Show in September 1956, the judge Mr S. A. Martin ‘Sylvestrel’ gave Mr Frank Mitchell a day to remember with three bitches in the challenge, including Sceptre of Glenmist, winning from puppy, with the dog ticket going to Lancelot of Overmist, both winning their only Challenge Certificate on the day.

Championship status was withdrawn for the following year, but returned in 1959 for a three year run before the Society once again reverted to Open Show status, until Championship status finally returned for an almost thirty year run in 1969.


With the show established as a popular annual event the Kennel Club decided to reduce the Challenge Certificate allocation for Rough Collies in 1996, deeming it necessary to curtail the number available at Breed Club shows to 13 each year. This to be accomplished by the West of England Collie Society and the Collie Club of Wales holding Championship Shows on alternate years, although a special dispensation was granted for the club’s Golden Jubilee year celebrations in 1999.

Bitch CC: Sceptre of Glenmist

winning her only Challenge Certificates from Puppy at the West of England Collie Society’s 1st Championship Show in September 1956,
beating her dam Ch Riffelsee Reward of Glenmist into the Reserve spot


Unable to find an image of the dog Challenge Certificate winner from the first West of England Collie Society Championship Show we are featuring the dog and bitch Challenge Certificate winners from the first of their continuous run of Championship Show which started when respected breed specialist Mr Tom Purvis ‘Danvis’ judged the Society’s May 1969 Championship Show awarding the Challenge Certificates to:

Bitch CC and Best in Show

Sandiacre String of Pearls winning her 3rd Challenge Certificates and with it her title on the day.

Image courtesy of Mrs Sandra Wigglesworth ‘Sandiacre Collies’

Dog CC
Ch Royal Ace of Rokeby winning his 6th of seven Challenge Certificates


The West of England Collie Society has always taken a keen interest in health matters, for many years holding an annual eye testing session in conjunction with one of its shows, whilst the ‘Round Up’, edited by Mrs Hazel Hunt, which became freely available to all members in 1979, has, over the years, highlighted many topics of interest to the exhibitor/breeder.

The West of England Collie Society’s current aims and objective shall be:

To promote the breeding and exhibition of the pedigree Collie – Rough and Smooth.

To help and encourage the novice and small breeder.

To do all possible to further the progress of the breed as a whole.


MARCH - Annual General Meeting — currently held at the  East Huntspill Village Hall, Church Road, East Hunstpill,  Nr Highbridge, Somerset, TA9  3NG.

APRIL - Spring Open Show scheduling Rough and Smooth Collies with separate judges for each breed and judging our side if weather permits — currently held at the East Huntspill Village Hall, Church Road, East Hunstpill, Nr Highbridge, Somerset,  TA9  3NG.

MAY - Closing date for copy and advertisements for the next issue  of the West of England Collie Society’s newsletter  ‘The Round Up’

JULY - Unbenched Championship Show for Rough and  Smooth Collies with Challenge Certificates for Smooth  Collies on alternate years — currently held at the  Hand Equestrian Centre, Davis Lane, Clevedon,  North Somerset, BS21  6TG.

Publication of the West of England Collie Society  Newsletter ‘The Round Up’ supplied free to members  and available for collection at the Championship Show.

SEPTEMBER - Autumn Open Show for Rough and Smooth Collies,  with judging outside if weather permits, and scheduling  separate judges for each breed — currently held at the  East Huntspill Village Hall, Church Road, East Hunstpill,  Nr Highbridge, Somerset, TA9  3NG.

NOVEMBER - Judges List — applicants wishing to be included on the West of England Collie Society judges list must submit their CV to the secretary by the 1st November each year.

Seminars are arranged on an occasional basis with subjects covering The Breed Standard, Judging & Stewarding Procedures


The West of England Collie Society is managed by five officers assisted by a Committee of twelve members, who extend a warm and friendly West Country welcome to members and friends alike.


In line with Kennel Club directives the West of England Collie Society has appointed Mrs Roz MacDonald as its Health Co-ordinator, Whose role is to encourage Members to share information concerning the health and well being of their Collies, in addition to giving advice on Kennel Club administered Health schemes.

Annually the West of England Collie Society’s committee elect their secretary plus one other committee member as delegates to the Rough Collie Breed Council, currently these are: Mrs Anita M. Stanley plus a committee member dependant on availability and agenda.

Membership is open to all.

For more details about the West of England Collie Society, and its activities contact the Secretary, - Secretary - Mr Peter Cornish, 1 Hollis Avenue, North Weston, Portishead BS20 6TQ
Telephone: 01275 845567 mobile 07903 385412
email: wecssecretary@gmail.com
or visit the clubs website