During his tenure as secretary of the Northumberland and Durham Collie Club, Mr Alan Mather ‘Rubec’ painstakingly compiled a very detailed history, which includes both photographic and written records, of the major and minor changes since the club’s foundation in 1910.

Presented here is but a  small selection of the large  amount of material collected by Mr Alan Mather ‘Rubec’

Below......a montage  depicting four of  Northumberland and  Durham Collie Club’s  most loyal servants,  each serving the club
as president at  sometime during the  past forty-six years.

     clockwise they are:


Mr R. Stothard ‘Wearmouth’  joined in 1923, serving the club in  various capacities until promoted to  President in 1961.


Mr Tom D. Purvis ‘Danvis’ undertook many  positions until Mr Stothard recommended  him as his successor to the Presidential  post in 1968, an office he held until his  death in 1980.


Mrs Mary Tweddle ‘Arcot’ served as 
secretary for fifteen years from 1954 before  being elected President in 1981, again  serving until her death in 1994.


Mr Alan P. Mather ‘Rubec’ held the 
secretarial post for twenty-one years 
from 1971 before being elevated to 
Chairman in 1992 and since 1997 Alan 
has taken on the role of President.


1980 saw the Northumberland and Durham Collie Club celebrating 70 years service to Collie exhibitors and breeders. The principal event of the year, where the atmosphere was only marred by the unexpected death of the club’s genial president Tom Purvis, being the club’s Championship Show in April.

This image shows Chairman, Mr F. Coats ‘Philasteve’ presenting judge  Mrs Ada Bishop ‘Laund’ with a memento to remind her of the occasion, together with the welcoming sign and celebratory rosettes for all place dogs.

See Mrs Bishops critique from the show here
(pdf document)

Images courtesy of Rough Collie Archive


Like many pre-war clubs the Northumberland and Durham Collie Club did not seek Kennel Club registration until after it was well established.

This final image reproduces the club’s application for registration.

Amongst the several pages of data, which condense minute book  information, can be found a complete record of all the changes to the  club’s structure, and management. With biographical notes and photographic records of the Northumberland and Durham Collie Club’s more active members as well as a detailed record of the shows it has organised, including copies of early catalogues.

The whole being an example to all Breed Club’s of what can be achieve with dedication and perseverance. It is intended that once archiving is completed the material will be typeset in such a way that easy publication will be possible, either electronically or in hard copy.