The area of England usually referred to as ‘The Midlands’ is synonymous with the Collie’s early 
development and the region has frequently supported specialist Collie Societies, although rarely did they reign for more than a few years.

The Midland Collie Club’s origins are shrouded in mystery, although it is believed it was founded in 1924. For all this there is no reference to a Midland Collie Club in Kennel Club published lists of registered breed clubs until volume 72 of the Stud Book, dated 1945 and covering the year 1944. However it is known from Kennel Gazette entries that the Club were licensed to organise Sanction Shows throughout the twenties and thirties when first Mr E. C. Davis of Smethwick, and later Mr E. J. Allsop ‘Merrion’ undertook secretarial duties.

The re-emergence of canine activities in the immediate post-war period saw Mr Allsop still at the helm concentrating the club’s efforts on supporting local breeders with members’ only shows. Gradually, as more fanciers joined collie ranks, entries began to escalate, and with Mr Alan Jeffries ‘Jefsfire’ taking over secretarial duties the Midland Collie Club started to expand its horizons; scheduling a full range of shows from Open Show downwards.

Catering, as it does, for an area that has always been well served by General Championship Shows the Midland Collie Club had to wait a long time before it attained such exalted status, but attain it, it did in 1977 when Mrs Joan Sykes ‘Sykeslaw’ almost mirrored the principal placings at Cruft’s, which had been scheduled the previous week, handing the tickets to the same two Collies, who were each winning their second on the day, while reversing the Best of Breed award. Anchored in early February from the outset, the Midland Collie Club Championship Show has always succeeded in attracting large entries, and has since its second show in 1978 engaged two judges, one for each sex.


n 1991 the Kennel Club moved Cruft’s to the National Exhibition Centre outside Birmingham, three years later it introduced a new feature aimed at encouraging visitors to make detailed enquires before selecting any breed of dog. ‘Discover Dogs at Cruft’s’, as this feature has become known, has, since its introduction, been supported by Midland Collie Club members and committee, who provide a team of enthusiasts and Collies capable of promoting the breed in a positive light to members of the general public.

Dog and bitch Challenge Certificate winners at the first Midland Collie Club Championship Show February 1977 where breed specialist
Mrs Joan  Sykes ‘Sykeslaw’, judging both sexes  awarded the Challenge Certificates to:

Dog CC and Best in Show
Danvis Ladyvale Blue Mist

winning the 2nd Challenge Certificate on the day out of a total of twelve

Bitch CC
 Sandiacre Scarlet O’Hara from Cathanbrae

winning her 2nd of four Challenge Certificates



Above photos showing visitors at the Cruft’s Discover Dogs with dogs owned by members and Committee of the Midland Collie Club.
Photos ©Collielife

Exhibitors and judges at Midland Collie 90th anniversary Championship Show in February 2014
Photo ©Collielife


For more details about the Midland Collie Club, and its activities contact the Secretary

Mrs Hannah Walder
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