The end of the Second World-War, bringing with it an anticipation of the resumption of nation-wide Canine Shows, encouraged a group of London based Collie enthusiasts to establish a new specialist regional club dedicated to promoting the Collie whether Rough or Smooth coated.


The London Collie Club was granted its title in 1947, making it one of the earliest post-war Regional Collie Clubs, with Mr H. W. Webber ‘Hawkridge’ as secretary, a position he held for just one year before handing the reigns to Mr J. M. Crutchfield. During the next thirty-two years the London Collie Club endured a total of eleven different secretaries, only one of which served more than two or three years, although two were to serve two separate terms separated by a number of year. The kind of stability other club’s had enjoyed eventually arrived in 1980 when Mr Frank Mitchell ‘Glenmist’ took the club in hand, remaining in the secretary’s post until 2004.


On the 28th of May 1955, eight years after its foundation, the London Collie Club held its first Championship Show where Mrs Nadine George did the double with Beulah’s Blanco-Y-Negro and Beulah’s Silver Maravella, both home bred, under respected all-rounder Mr J. Garrow who had judged Rough Collies at this level on four previous occasions, the first being Bath Canine Society in 1949. The London Collie Club has since hosted an annual Championship Show, usually in early June, scheduling classes for both Rough and Smooth Collies.


By the 1990s the Rough Collie had no club based glossy year book, although it did support a privately published handbook which enjoyed a very international flavour and high reputation. Despite this Mr Frank Mitchell decided that the time was right for a wholly British handbook aimed at the home market, and in 1992 the London Collie Club Yearbook made its only appearance on Collie enthusiasts bookshelves. Reproduced within its pages were every Collie Breed Standard that had ever been published in the United Kingdom, together with the first pictorial parade of Champions made up in the preceding year.

The London Collie Club has the single simple objective of: To promote the interests and well being of the Rough and Smooth Collies Membership is open to all. For more details about what the London Collie Club has to offer please contact the Secretary or visit their Facebook Group.

Dog and bitch Challenge Certificate winners at the London Collie Club’s first Championship Show May 1955 – where allrounder
Mr Jimmy Garrow judged both sexes of Rough Collies.

Dog CC
Beulah’s Blanco-Y-Negro winning his 2nd of three Challenge Certificate
Bitch CC
Beulah’s Silver Maravella winning her 1st of three Challenge Certificate

There is no record of which was awarded Best of Breed
Both images donated by ‘Emmsmoor’ courtesy of Rough Collie Archive


One of the two Frank Mitchell Memorial Trophies one for each breed of Collie





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