The London and Provincial Collie Club’s foundations can be traced to early 1906, when interested Collie enthusiasts from London and surrounding areas, including Mr R. H. Roberts ‘Ashtead’, met to establish a new regional Collie Society aimed at encouraging the small and novice fancier living within a 50 mile radius of London.

Under the guiding influence of secretary Mr E. Davies ‘Colindale’ and Kennel Club registered from the outset, its early events were often confined to monthly matches, membership only shows, and members’ only classes or specials at London based Championship Shows including Cruft’s.


The years between the two wars were eventful with the owners of many of the collie’s most influential kennels, including Westcarrs, Sandy, and Eltham Park holding executive posts within the London and Provincial Collie Club. During the thirties when the country’s general economic state was at such a low ebb, it was these associations, and in particular the support of Mr Richard Roberts and Mr Fred Bristow ‘Brismack’, secretary, with only one short break, from 1933 to 1956, which enabled the club to prosper when others were having difficulty maintaining interest.


Post-war revival was initially slow, but by the mid 50s a full programme of events were established, and once again the London and Provincial Collie Club was fortunate in attracting the support of dedicated enthusiasts in the shape of Mrs Lyn Westby ‘Lowerpark’ secretary for eleven years from 1968 and Peter and Lisa Burtenshaw ‘Pelido’ who, over almost three decades, have each held a variety of posts including secretary.


Championship status was eventually granted in 1975 only to be withdrawn three years later after the Kennel Club changed their method of calculating each breed’s Challenge Certificate allocation, which reduced those awarded to the Rough Collie. Increased registrations and show entries during the late 1970s and early 1980s ensured Rough Collies were allocated additional Challenge Certificate, with Championship status being restored to the London and Provincial Collie  Club in 1984, when Mrs Sandra igglesworth ‘Sandiacre’ and Alan Clarke  ‘Lynway’ handed the tickets to Pelido Laughing Cavalier and Ch Arranbrook Sugar ‘n’ Spice of Rixown who took Best of Breed. The club’s popular Championship Show, having moved from its spring date in 1994, is now a permanent fixture towards the end of each Show calendar.

Dog and bitch Challenge Certificate winners at London & Provincial Collie Club’s first Championship Show May 1975 – where Mr Jimmy Tait, ‘Aberthorne’ judged the dogs, and Mrs Flo Chapman, ‘Deloraine’ judged the bitches.

Dog CC & Best of Breed
Cinlock’s Candyman winning his 1st of two Challenge Certificates before being exported to New Zealand

Bitch CC
Corydon Hippolyta winning her 3rd of five Challenge Certificate on the day

Image courtesy of John & Barbara Blake ‘Corydon Collies’



In 2006 the London and Provincial Collie Club published its Centenary Handbook as part of its celebrations. Unique in the annals of such publications this small A5 soft-cover book, which relates a detailed history of the club and those who have helped its developments, does not rely on kennel advertisements for its funding, although it does include a few advertisement from those company’s who were generous enough to sponsor its publication.

The London and Provincial Collie Club’s current objectives and aim are to:

Promote the reputable breeding of Collies, whether Rough or Smooth.

Support shows and matches bringing fanciers together in friendly rivalry.

To instruct Novice Collie breeders and exhibitors, whilst doing all in its power to protect and advance the interests of Collies both Rough and Smooth.

Hume-Robertson Memorial Trophy





Membership is open to all.

For more details about what the London & Provincial Collie Club has to offer please contact the Hon Secretary -
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