The Collie Club of Wales was established as recently as 1961, making it the youngest of the current Collie Clubs, by a group of South Wales fanciers including Len and Prue Green ‘Coverdale’ and Frank and Winnie Davies ‘Franwyns’ all active members of the West of England Collie Society.


Tribal loyalty has always been a feature of the South Wales valleys, and this national trait has given the Collie Club of Wales’ management a degree of stability rarely exhibited in the hierarchy of canine club. Of the founder members, Len Green served as Chairman for seventeen years until ill health forced retirement in 1978, while his wife Prue took on the role of Secretary, a post she held for more twenty four years, making her one of the longest serving of any Breed Club secretaries.

Today’s management is in the capable hands of Mrs Christine Collins ‘Triburle’, who took on the secretarial post after Prue Green’s retirement in 1986, and a dedicated team of Welsh Collie enthusiasts of all levels expertise.


Early events were confined to members only shows, but Open Shows were soon added to calendar, and by 1973 the Kennel Club considered them sufficiently experienced to grant Championship status. Right from the outset the Collie Club of Wales engaged a separate judge for each sex, and their shows, initially held in the autumn, but moving to an early spring date in 1984, quickly attracted an increasing entry.

Dog and bitch Challenge Certificate winners at the Collie Club of Wales’ first Championship Show – October 1973 –
where breed specialists Mr R. Fendley ‘Ralvera’ judged dogs and Mr Len Green ‘Coverdale’ judged the bitches.

Bitch CC and Best of Breed: Ch Shearcliffe Blossom winning her 4th and final Challenge Certificate, all won between the end of August and end of October 1973.

Dog CC: Bririch Gold Lance winning his only Challenge Certificate on the day

Image courtesy of Mrs Vera Hickson ‘Bririch Collies’



The Kennel Club’s decision, prior to the 1996 season, to reduce the number of Challenge Certificates to all breeds including the Collie, limiting those to Rough Collie Breed Club Shows to thirteen, came as a surprise.

Their decision that this reduction would be achieved by rotating Championship status between the Collie Club of Wales and the West of England Collie Society left both in a vulnerable position.

After ten years of such an unsatisfactory arrangement members of the Rough Collie Breed Council eventually asked the Kennel Club to include all Breed Clubs in the rotation, the new arrangement was implemented in 2007.

Len and Prue Green – ‘Coverdale’ - Founder members and long serving officers
of the Collie Club of Wales

The Collie Club of Wales’ has the single simple objective of:

Promoting the breeding and exhibition of pedigree Collies (Rough and Smooth)

Dedicated to furthering Collie interests in Wales membership is open to all.

Best in Show and Best Puppy in Show winners at both our shows are presented with one of our
Red Welsh Dragon models as a perminant reminder of their success in Wales


For more details about the Collie Club of Wales, and its activities contact the Secretary:

Mrs Christine Collins, Tel: 01656 728256 - email:

last update 01-May-2023