Set against a background of dwindling entries and interest in the years immediately following the first world-war a group of senior fanciers from the principal Collie Clubs of the period discussed the possibility of amalgamating their resources. Agreement was reached by January 1924 and after Kennel Club approval the British Collie Club combined ‘The Collie Club’, founded 1881, the ‘Northern Collie Club’ and the ‘Rough Coated Blue Merle Club’ into one national society dedicated to promoting the Collie.


The British Collie Club prospered under the guiding hands of Messrs James Russell, W. Schofield and W. Grimshaw, president, secretary and treasurer respectively. Official Kennel Club recognition was swift with Championship status granted in 1925 when Mr W. Houghton awarded Best in Show, and with it the world famous ‘Collie Club Challenge Trophy’ to Ch Thane of Athelney. Championship status continued until registration figures fell below 750 per year, at which point the Kennel Club deemed interest was insufficient to sustain any Breed Club Championship Shows, and the club was reduced to organising Open Shows.


Dog and bitch Challenge Certificate winners at the first British Collie Club Championship Show February 1925
where Mr W. Houghton awarded the Challenge Certificates to:

Dog CC and Best in Show
Ch Thane of Athelney winning the 4th of his eleven Challenge Certificates.

Detail from Reuben Ward Binks’ painting Image donated by
Mrs Iris Combe courtesy of Rough Collie Archive

Bitch CC
Ch Eden Enrapture winning her 4th of eight Challenge Certificate

Image donated by Mrs Joan Parker courtesy of Rough Collie Archive

Interestingly these two Collies repeated this win in 1926 when Breed Specialist Mr Hugo Ainscough ‘Parbold’ was the officiating judge



It was 1950 before Championship Status returned to the British Collie Club, when Mr Fred Robson ‘Eden’, owner/breeder of Ch Eden Enrapture, the bitch Challenge Certificate winner at the first British Collie Club Championship Show, stood centre ring awarding the Challenge Certificates to Heightlyn Firefly and Hallmarsh Bloom, but there is no record of which went Best in Show. Since 1950 the British Collie Club Championship Show has become a popular annual event attracting exhibitors and spectators from around the world, who marvel at a trophy table which includes many famous pieces from their original founding clubs.


Collie Club Challenge Trophy first awarded to
Ch Rutland in 1886



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