The Ayrshire Agricultural Society’s decision to drop the canine section from its shows, which left the South West corner of Scotland without a Championship Show, prompted a number of enthusiasts, including Mr Andrew Hunter, Mrs Elizabeth McGhee, and Mrs Janette Wilson, to instigate the establishment of a specialist Collie Club to cater for and encourage the Rough Collie within its area. The Ayrshire Collie Club was granted its title in 1958, making it the second youngest of the United Kingdom’s Kennel Club registered Collie Societies, with Mrs McGhee as Secretary a position she held until 1961, Mr Hunter in the Chair and Mrs Wilson holding the Treasurer’s post.


Granted Championship status in 1977, when Mrs Aileen Speding ‘Antoc’ awarded the Challenge Certificates to Ch Danvis Ladyvale Blue Mist and Cathanbrae Verily Verily, who later carried her title. Any euphoria felt by Ayrshire Collie Club officials was quickly dashed when tickets were withdrawn the following year after a change in the way breed Challenge Certificates were allocated. After a general escalation of interest in all canine events, Championship status was reinstated in 1981, since when the Ayrshire Collie Club’s autumn show has become a looked forward to annual event.


Today a twinning arrangement between the Ayrshire Collie Club and the All Ireland Collie and Sheepdog Society helps to encourage understanding and friendship between Collie enthusiasts showing under different controlling bodies. Members from each of the two clubs regularly support each other’s events supplying specials as well as attending.

The Ayrshire Collie Club’s current aims and objectives are:

To promote responsible dog ownership.

Support all related activities within the showing, breeding and rearing of Rough Collies, in line with the Kennel Club’s published Breed Standard and Guidelines.


Dog and bitch Challenge Certificate winners at Ayrshire Collie Club’s first Championship Show October 1977 – where respected collie specialist, Mrs Aileen Speding, ‘Antoc’, judged both sexes.

Dog CC & Best of Breed
Ch Danvis Ladyvale Blue Mist winning his 6th Challenge Certificate
on the day out of a total of twelve

Bitch CC
Cathanbrae Verily Verily winning her 1st of four Challenge Certificate on the day



For more details about the Ayrshire Collie Club and its activities please contact
Secretary - Morag McCarte - email: roughrigg@aol.com

Annually the Ayrshire Collie Club’s committee elect two delegates to the Rough Collie Breed Council, currently these are: Jim and Morag McCarte

Membership is open to all. For more details about what the Ayrshire Collie Club has to offer, plus information on shows, dates, and judges visit their website

last update 01-May-2023

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