There appears to be some confusion concerning the objects and content of the National Rough Collie Archive.

It is an independent body run by Mrs Dareen Bridge, who was elected by the Rough Collie Breed Council as the Breed Archivist, to record materials appertaining to the Rough Collie as far too many Rough Collie Kennel and Breed Club Records have been lost and may never be recovered.

It is a non profit body, run entirely on a voluntary basis although a small charge to cover consumables may be required (See below)

It is not intended to actually store physical material, only to record for posterity as the value of such material is incalculable and therefore will remain the property of the person or persons loaning it for recording purposes only.

Below is a summary of it Aims and Conditions for clarification.

Rough Collie Archives Logo

To advise all within the “Rough Collie” fraternity to help preserve all aspects of Rough Collie History therefore acceptable materials for inclusion may be:

Kennel Records – which may include edited accounts, health certificates and veterinary records if available.

Photographs – preferably with subjects, location and dates identified.

Breeding and Stud Records – Stud Cards, litter records etc. and the influence these may have had on other kennels whether in the United Kingdom or overseas

Show Records – including entries, critiques, prize cards etc

Associated Literature – Newspaper, magazine cuttings, features, articles or advertisements, etc

All material loaned for archiving is stored electronically and saved to a dedicated hard-drive partition on the archivist’s desktop computer, with an additional copy saved to a dedicated external hard-drive. Further the originator of this material may, if requested, have copies of these electronic files either as download files or on CD although a minimal charge may be levied to cover consumables and postage costs.

The Conditions imposed on all donations are as below

All material is returned to its owner once archiving has been completed.

Ownership and all copyright issues of such material is retained by the original owner, and does not pass to the National Rough Collie Archive.

Records held in trust by the National Rough Collie Archive may be made available on request for research, although a minimal charge may be levied. Records are not distributed in anyway to third parties without the written authority of the owner where possible. On the death of the owner all ownership and copyrights are automatically transferred to the decease’s beneficiaries under the terms of any will.

The National Rough Collie Archive would assume ownership of archived copies only on rare occasions, for example as when the original or inherited owner is untraceable. In such a scenario the National Rough Collie Archive would permit the use of material, although a minimal charge may be levied, on the proviso that it is credited to the donator’s collection by name in the custody of the National Rough Collie Archive.

National Rough Collie Archivist

Your can download a printable version of the Rough Collie Archives Aims and Conditions in pdf format - click HERE