How to present donated material, particularly when this is both fragmented and from several sources, has been a question repeatedly asked, and to which no satisfactory answer had been forthcoming. Then in the middle of all my family problems I came up with the idea of electronic Kennel Scrapbooks similar to the type of record most kennels use to keep. This flash of inspiration coincided with some research work I was doing on the Delwood kennel and its rather eccentric owners Col. and Mrs Wilberforce, so a trial run using this material came as a natural progression.

The open book with its turning pages here showing some of the Annual advertisements placed in either Our Dogs or Dog world each year. These Scrapbooks are produced in A3 format and turned into flip page electronic books for archiving.

Sadly before the trial run was finished I was forced to abandon further work but that already completed has encourage some of our more prominent breeders and exhibitors, who are now approaching their retirement, to agreed to cooperate in the production of Scrapbooks on their achievements.

Ideally these should be produced while kennel owners are sufficiently alert to supply and correct the amassed content, and I am pleased to announce that both the Lynway and Sandiacre kennels have agreed to allow Scrapbooks of their exploits to be produced.

Additionally I believe I have sufficient material on the late Diane Cochran’s Duntiblae and Vera and Eddie Hickson’s Bririch kennels to do a satisfactory publication, while the daughter of Mrs Clay has agreed to cooperate in the production of one to celebrate her mother’s Clayswood kennel, not perhaps so well known but surprisingly influential.