Due to personal difficulties, which I will not elaborate on, it is now three years since my last report, so perhaps I should be thankful that little has happened and no new collections submitted during the years 2009 to 2011 inclusive. Now that life is getting back to normal it is again possible to focus on Rough Collie Archive matters, and with no new material to report on this will be a very short review.


Although other matters have occupied both time and mind this does not mean that Rough Collie Archive interests have been entirely abandoned, and throughout this period a watching brief has been maintained on matters relating to Rough Collie history, with additional material frequently supplied to both ‘Dog World’ and ‘Our Dogs’, especially Simon Parsons at ‘Dog World’. Additionally much thought to matters of presentation as well as content of existing  material has kept the National Rough Collie Archive  interests to the fore.

Front cover for the archived collection of all published judges critiques covering
Championship Shows held during 2009 which have been preserved as searchable pdf files


It is well known that I have a collection of published Championship Show Critiques spanning more than thirty years, these are gradually being turned into searchable documents saved as yearly record editions in pdf format.

The information invaluable for those wishing to research the show record of any Rough Collie placed at a UK Championship Show during that time.

Additionally I have been turning Rough Collie Breed Record Supplement entries into computerised files, but in this case great care has to be taken in order to ensure Kennel Club copyrights are not infringes, so these files are for personal use only.

Finally there is the Kennel Scrapbook initiative but this is dealt with separately

National Rough Collie Archivist